Relax And Spin Tone Massager

Relax And Spin Tone Massager

The Relax And Spin Tone Massager has a Modern & provides an exercising effect along with soothing and relaxing aching muscles. Relax And Spin Tone Massager benefits, neck, shoulder, arm, hip, thigh and calf areas. Treat the body right with the Relax and Tone use simply massager. Use yourself a “hand” to work out the kinks in tone all body areas and deep muscle tissues. The device features a 360-degree off-center axis design, speed dial, and oscillation of up to 2000 times per minute. Targetting parts of the body like abs, muscle, and arms, it slims, tones and relaxes knotted muscles all at once.



In The Box

Relax And Spin Tone Massager Product Details


Wavy Attachment – Deep muscle toning and tissue massage

Mesh Cover Attachment – Provide maximum comfort and Prevent entanglement

Flat Attachment –  Gentle massage on Neck, Arm, Shoulders, Back, and Legs, relieve Muscle tension

Micro Filer Attachment – Remove calluses and dry skin on your feet

Roller Attachment –  8 specially designed rotating beads help slimming Point, massage oil or lotion to penetrate deep into your skin













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