Acupressure Hand Massager

Acupressure Hand Massager

Acupressure Hand Massager

Wooden Accupressure Massager,Handle Massager, RollerMassager


Acupressure Hand Massager Product Details                      

  • Acupressure Hand Massager tools have rounded-off edges which applying force to the pressure points without hurting the skin and muscles. Size: Length -6″, Width -2.9″, Height- 1″, weight 104 gram Crafted using one of the finest richly hued timber Rosewood by the endowed artisan of Jodhpur, Rajasthan India. Acupressure Hand Massager tool is designed with similar science of reflexology, so by using it on each point of your feet regularly, it will help to maintain good health and also prevents your body to catch diseases. Perfect acupressure tool to stimulate energy and blood circulation. After usage feels partial or complete relief from pain, stress, and tiredness.


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